Talking wordle with T rex

T rex and LadyofHats, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Me: Yo T rex what’s your start word on wordle.

T rex: BITER.

Me: Wow, basic. That’s like being a lawyer and having plates on your BMW that say ATRNY.

T rex: It has two great vowels and two great consonants and it begins with a leap of faith. It would be a beautiful, wise, artful first word even if I had no teeth and a weak jaw.

Me: Come on that is basic as hell.

T rex: It serves me well. I got KNOLL on my second guess when BITER got zero greenyellows.

Me: It took me five guesses.

T rex: Well knoll was tough.

Me: Still.

T rex: What was your first guess.

Me: ...

T rex: ...

Me: ...

T rex: It was penis wasn’t it.

Me: ...

T rex: I would help you with that, but.

Me: ...

T rex: You know.