Why not surrender to the VHS static

If you rewind the tape to this exact fractional frame, to the instant where the door in the upper left corner of the screen begins to open, the flickering yellow line that just rolled from top to bottom does not roll the same way it did on the previous viewing.

The important thing to understand is the static is non deterministic.

The flickering yellow line is non deterministic. This is a VHS tape not software. Software also is non deterministic. Nothing deterministic deserves to be called software.

Watch this tape again and you will see the same big picture. But every dot, every shimmer, every brightening and dimming will be new, unfamiliar, original.

Is it even the same big picture, when every little part of its many little parts is different?

Is the door in the upper left corner even a door anymore?

Is the door closed now?

Have you missed your chance?

Is there even hope?