good to look at

Brain blue

Please continue to enjoy colours that are too much for your eyes.

Today you will see a deep blue against a black background, and the blue will be deeply blue but also just as dark as the black. It will somehow be both lightless and rich.

Brain blue, or as it is called by pedants, stygian blue, is what lingers in your mind after you overdo it on yellow. It’s like a bruise and it slightly looks like one, although its blue is truer.

As with brain orange, seeing brain blue is a matter of staring. In the image below you will see a yellow circle with an x in the middle.

Look at the x. When the yellow flips to black, there, in the spot in your mind where the yellow just was, will be blue. There will be no light, but somehow there will be saturation.

Animation with two frames, looping: 1) a yellow circle against white background, and 2) solid black.

Keep staring at the x as the animation repeats. Think about how brain blue is just as dark as black, yet not black. When you have had enough please feel free to go to another web site.