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Brain orange

Hello and welcome back to hot sandwich, which you remember fondly and which, because your memory is failing and because every hiatus eventually must herniate, is now back on your computer.

Today on your computer you will see an orange (colour) more orange than any orange (fruit or colour) you have ever seen.

The formal name for what you are about to see is hyperbolic orange, but it is cooler and more accurate to call it brain orange. You are about to see brain orange with your brain, which is the only way to see it, because it is too orange for your eyes.

First: you will see a nice pale blue circle with an x in the middle. Stare at that x. Stare at it as if your continued participation in the meditation retreat depends on it. Which: it does. I am your meditation teacher right now and you can either stare at the x or get the hell off my web site.

After a while: the x and the blue circle will be replaced by a square of pure orange. You will see a phantom circle inside that orange, and the phantom orange will be more orange than the orange square. The phantom orange is brain orange.

The animation loops. Keep staring at the x. The brain orange will grow more impossibly orange with each repetition.

Animation with two frames, looping: 1) a cyan circle against white background, and 2) solid orange.

After a long time please feel free to go to another web site.